Automate operations from Sales to Delivery with 3D









Designed for OEMs

of mid to large sized equipments.

Create your own 3D Product Catalog

Upload 3D models from your own product catalog. Annotate them, connect them to your ERP/MRP references and share them with the world or within your organisation as building blocks for large projects

Retrofit on site

in AR

Retro-fitting equipment on site often involves multiple back and forth and lengthy sales cycles

Kentro's AR interface allows user to configure and visualise equipment in real scale, in context and in operations.

Manage multiple projects

Kentro lets you create as many projects as you want and lets you access them with your account on any device.

Screenshot 2020-09-15 at 9.31.29 AM.png

Custom PDF Reports

Automate Compliance 

Designing is just the beginning.
Kentro not only exports Layout and renders but once connected to your inventory,  it helps you to plan your stocks, generate quotations, Contracts, well as performance reports.

Simplify Delivery

Generate Purchase orders, Delivery schedule and installation instructions with no effort for all stakeholders involved in the delivery process

Go Immersive

with Kentro VR

Kentro VR lets you browse all your projects and explore them in VR.

Case Study

AR Configurator
AR Configurator


Less costly

In the process of scaling their Sales effort globally, our OEM customer needed a way to let any of their representant build business proposals quickly.

We ran a study to assess the productivity gains offered by AR Planning. The study concluded AR Planning would not only ensure global consistency of their sales process but also divide the cost of new customer engagement by factor of 3.

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